Teams for men are entered in the Darlington & District Leagues' that are held  on a Home and Away basis over the course of the season, on different days of the week.  Some of which are for 3 players on 3 rinks on (Tues afternoons) with 'A' & 'B' teams, or 3 players on 4 rinks, over 55s on (Thu evenings ) with 'A' & 'B' teams, see League Tables pages.  Ladies also play D & D League games on Thursday afternoons.  Each Wed evening ladies and gents play in mixed teams' of 3 or 4 home and away in the J S W league.   
       Sunday afternoons' are usually a social event, for any members to play in mixed teams on rinks drawn from a hat, dress casual please register before! 1:45pm on the day and pay £1:00 to enter. 

       However, practice bowling is available most days from 11am til dusk, for this purpose a Diary, with all bona fide events entered, is placed within the Clubhouse, for members to enter times and rinks rinks needed for private use or with others. 

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