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All things green

Gary Cramb is our Greenkeeper
The Team: Andy Barton, Peter Brown, Miles Burnham, Dave Cardus, Gary Cramb, John Cotterill, Gregan Davis, Nye Gutteridge, Terry Rawson, Rob Styles.

Winter tining


The Green

Managing a Bowling Green requires great skill. The Green Team put in many hours to keep the playing surface in the best possible condition and help to make play possible in all weathers. Volunteers normally meet at 8am on preselected days to maintain the green and its surrounds, including the hedges, borders, and flower beds.

The Green Team aim to have the green available for play by 10.30am.


All members are welcome to help whenever possible. Those members who cannot or will not help should NOT criticise the Green Team if things are not to their liking.

Any misuse of the green must be reported to the Green Team, and this includes misuse by unwelcome visitors. Also, please report any dips or bumps that are not immediately apparent. 


Bowlers can help the Green Team by avoiding worn patches, and by moving the mat around to prevent localized wear. They can also help by making use of a good delivery to prevent divots and scuff marks. It is important the bowl is delivered smoothly. Some bowlers have a throwing action, which can cause damage. In county matches they would be warned by an umpire.

Please note that for health and safety reasons, access to the green is by the corner steps. Play is not advised in wet conditions.


Appropriate footwear must always be worn on the green. Also, bowls must not be dropped onto the edge of the green from the bank at the start of play.

Green-keepers Plea

               Listen to my heartfelt plea

               Change your style and bend your knee

               The green is soft so don't be a nark

               It's not the time to leave your mark

               We don't want a green that's full of bumps

               Bruised and pockmarked from your thumps

               So be a sport and do your best

               Let the green-keepers do the rest

Winter maintenance 2021 - feeding the machine


Our new ditch following the underpinning work


Maintenance of the green through the years

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